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  • Erin Jane Schaeffer

We all deserve to dabble

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

In a world where the expectation of "expert" is standard, we've lost the freedom to dabble. We shy away from flirting with a new hobby, and fear to experiment to explore things we may never perfect, may never dominate, or devote the fabled 10,000 hours to master.

There is freedom in abandoning the expectations associated with our professional and personal habitual practices and "dabbling" in something new. Even just exploring a new approach to something we already enjoy can sprout authentic curiosity and foster a playful approach to worn paths of creativity. When we open ourselves up to flow, or future flow, we can tap the part of our brains that is not seeking a trophy, a resume building block, or the perfect new Instagram account with followers and validation.

Dabbling shrugs off the confines of ego and gives our creative spirit jazz hands. It offers us a chance to guest star in our own life and offers us the freedom to do new things without pressure or endgame. In these light-hearted moments, perhaps we can abandon weighty expectations, splash about in the moment we are in, connect with our hands and others and just dabble.


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