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Erin Jane Schaeffer

Writer, maker, creative dabbler

As a self-professed communications generalist-though I clearly prefer the title, creative dabbler-I spent 20 years writing messaging for employees, brands and executives. I'm versed in the many ways successful companies leverage internal communications to drive employee recognition, culture and engagement. I'm part corporate poet, part inspiration instigator and an evangelist for active voice. If you need to start somewhere, I love to banish a blank page. Know what you want to say but need a creative way to say it? I can ride shotgun and we can map out the mission together. I have an eye for stories with a "gather around the campfire" quality and I love to coax those out of employees, executives, volunteers and satisfied customers. Life is an astonishing, authentic adventure and I'm happy to help you write compelling postcards from the road. 

Services below, work examples here.
References available upon request. 


Here are just a few of the creative things I dabble in. 

Creative Writing 

I've spent my life writing. From scripts to social, blog posts to product copy, I know telling a good story begins with listening for a good story. I'm happy to capture authentic experiences with brands and identify passionate employees and enable them to tell their story in a way that makes them feel warm in the spotlight.

Examples here

Custom Messages

I advocate for clear messages. I champion consistent voice and tone. I know the value of translating lengthy communications into operational posts with clear action. 

With empathy for any audience 

I can help navigate difficult announcements, design change management plans, and prepare crisis communications before things get dire.

Examples here

Handmade & Handheld Communications

I also dabble in custom crafts and creative experiences. I can fashion props, provide custom upcycled office decor, make unique trophies, crowns and one-of-a-kind recognition gifts. I can pepper you with gift ideas for the saltiest recipient. I can help find relevant items sourced to fit within your company values and echo any theme for an entire group.

Examples here

ASK me about the actual Dabble Wagon! It's a mobile craft studio and we ride at dawn (or whenever).
We've just started to design small group creative bonding experiences forged through the making of things together. Because it's creativity on wheels, we can come to you or meet you somewhere cool.

The opportunities are endless, let's discuss! 

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